Promoting Your Music, Part 2

By Joe Corazzi

Mr. Corazzi has long been an advocate of supporting new musical talent through popular venues and technology. A few suggestions were passed down to him as a guide to music publicity below, covering methods of generating interest ,, branding a style and persona, and going all-out in promoting. Here are some of the guidelines handed down by succesful artists and promoters.

Dance Club

Once you have a few singles or a complete album, shift your focus to introducing fans to you, your persona, and your work. Build a website and register for social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, the latter of which allows users to add streaming music to their homepages easily.

Think back to how you learned about your favorite artists. You may have heard their songs on the radio or perhaps visited their web pages and downloaded sample tracks. Until listeners hear your music, they cannot decide whether to invest in you. Upload one of your best songs to your website for downloading, or stream the song on your site or social page. Most importantly, people who enjoy your music will want more; make sure they know where to go to buy it.

The Internet may be the easiest method of spreading information, but it may not attract potential offline buyers. Before your next visit to your local nighttime hotspots, draw up flyers, produce stickers, and record free singles to pass around at such locations. Talk with club owners and contact local radio stations to see if they might consider playing your music during primetimes.

Most importantly, never stop working. When people become interested in your music, make sure you have more ready for them. As you promote chosen singles, keep revising old tracks and developing new ones.

About the Author:
A Chairman with Capital Group Inc., Joe Corazzi wields 39 years of experience in the investment field. Over the course of his career, Joe Corazzi co-founded Country Music Television (CMT), a network featuring videos and programming that promotes country music and lifestyles.


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