About Joe Corazzi

Beverly Hills, California served Mr. Corazzi as both home and home base for his finance and telecomunications career., Joe Corazzi studied telecommunications and economics, ultimately earning a Master’s degree. Corazzi then focused on business and entrepreneurial pursuits, holding numerous executive positions throughout his careerincluding President and chief execuitve officer of Telstar corporation, a muti-sateliite telecomunications company.

In 1993, he began serving Capital Group Inc., and he now holds the title of Chairman. In this position, Joe Corazzi serves as an investment specialist with mutinational firms as he has pioneered unique financing of international projects including telecommunications and financial commodity trades to the global community.

In his early years Joe Corazzi is credited with pioneering multi-channel cable and multi-satellite delivery of data, voice, and entertainment.. Many of his early models are the common standard found today in most telecommunication models in cable and internet networks found throughout the world. Joe Corazzi pioneered and is recognized as one of the founders of Country Music Television, his idea which became the cable network that features country music videos, concerts, movies, biographies, and reality programs.

Corazzi collaborated with a number of others in order to help launch the channel to 673,000 homes in March 1983. Now, the channel is available to more than 88 million homes. Currently, Joe Corazzi maintains his creative and musical interests through his sound recording and music promotion hobbies. He is active currently with an international firm serving the global needs of reycling technology for commodities and energy products.


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