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Joe Corazzi and The Berrys

May 3, 2011

When he co-founded Country Music Television in 1983, Joe Corazzi had already made a name for himself as a leading figure in satellite communications and entertainment broadcasting. However, fewer people knew him as the talented Joe Corazzi of The Viscount V and The Berrys, a band that achieved fame at the height of the rock ‘n’ roll era with hits like “Cherry Red Vette” and “Midnight Hour.”

In the mid-1960s, Joe Corazzi was a musically gifted teenager who divided his time between high school and gigs with his band, The Viscount V. Joe Corazzi served as junior class president and played on the baseball and basketball teams; after school, he wrote songs like “Cherry Red Vette,” a catchy homage to a classic car that became the band’s first record just six months after it formed.

After the record’s 1966 release by Lavette Records, “Cherry Red Vette” shot to local fame as the city’s number one record, impressing critics with its maturity and professional quality. The Viscount V soon became The Berrys, and the band established itself as a promising up-and-comer with songs like “My Angel” and “In the Midnight Hour,” a cover of the Wilson Pickett hit. The latter achieved the top spot on the rotation of Top 40 radio station KQEO, which attracted offers from several major recording labels. After careful deliberation, The Berrys signed a contract with Challenge Records.

Although Joe Corazzi later turned his attention to earning a degree in economics from the University of New Mexico and founding his own communications company, he never abandoned his first passion. Eventually, he returned to California and began a career as an innovative Beverly Hills-based businessman with an intuitive understanding of the entertainment industry. Today, he leads the investment firm Capital Group, Inc., as its longtime chairman, but he still enjoys playing music and keeping in touch with “Hick,” “Brillo,” “Ape,” and “Daffy,” the other members of The Berrys. For photographs, memorabilia, and a sampling of some of the records that rocketed The Berrys to state and national fame, visit