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Promoting Your Music, Part 1

August 24, 2011

by Joe Corazzi

As the co-founder of Country Music Television, Mr. Corazzi appreciates music that holds a message, as well as the tenacity required of musicians who create and promote their own work. Having spent a great deal of time learning the ins and outs of music promotion he was n handed down a few ideas for beginners interested in breaking into the industry.


Choose an attainable goal that fits your schedule. Some musicians prefer to write and record one song, honing it until they feel comfortable passing it around. Others, mainly those who have spent lots of time writing and recording, prefer to put together a whole album. Should you go this route, pick two or three of your best tracks and plan to use those to demonstrate your abilities to studios, clubs, and anyone that may be interested in your sound.

Of course, not all music resonates with everybody. Research on the type of music you want to make and learn more about the genre’s demographic. Spend some time thinking about what drew you to that particular type of music. Why do you like it? What inspired you to create more music in its vein? Pick out the key appealing elements and make sure to inject them into your music.

Creative people draw inspiration from their forbearers. Your favorite musicians achieved renown because they understood what their fans wanted from them, yet they also added their own style to each track. Incorporate popular elements of the genre into your music, but make sure to infuse your tunes with a uniqueness that clearly separates you from other artists.